Pan and Lid Packages for circulator sous vide

These durable clear polycarbonate pans and custom lids are available in capacities from 3 to 22 gal.. The lids are precision machined for over 10 different popular immersion circulators to give a minimal gap to maximize heat retention.  SVE racks are available separately.   We also offer a "Pro-Line" package that include a hinged lid, SVE rack and insulation kit.

3.0 gal. pan & lid
  • 10L / 2.6 gal. / 10 qt. sv capacity
  • 10.5" x 12.75" x 8" deep

Small enough for a home kitchen counter but large enough for small commercial needs.  Will accommodate multiple pouches of medium-size cuts and small roasts. 

Part No. PS-3PL1
$48.00 ea.  Not available
4.75 gal. pan & lid
  • 18L / 4.5 gal. / 18 qt. sv capacity
  • 18.5 x 12.3 x 10.0 inches deep

Our mid-size pan package is a  "made in USA" Cambro 12189CW135 Camwear food storage box and lid.  These containers have a thicker, rim that gives this box more "heft".  We machine cutouts on the side lip for the circulator clamping screw / clip to make it compatible with Anova's, Gourmia and other circulator with less clip clearance.   It's an inch deeper than our other pans and a good choice for large format cuts like roasts and briskets. The lid can be used right- side up so it snaps, or inverted giving a nested fit.  SVE expandable rack is available separately.

Part No. PSV-5PL1
$66.00  Not available
6.5 gal. pan & lid
  • 22L / 5.5 gal. / 22 qt. capacity
  • 20" x 12" x 8" deep

Whether it's for commercial sous vide or for a home cook with a desire for more capacity this pan will fit your needs.  Large enough for two of our SVE all stainless steel expandable racks.  Can  handle multiple medium to large capacity pouches and/or large roasts and multiple loins. 

Part No. PSV-6PL1
$68.00  Not available

Larger Pan Packages  

We're working on listing our larger pan / lid combinations.  Right now they are available on special order so please contact us for price and delivery.

A Clear Advantage

These pans are a perfect companion for your Sous Vide circulator.  Made of crystal clear NSF certified polycarbonate resin they withstand boiling-water temperatures without distorting, are dishwater safe and insulate better than metal pans and pots.

  • Clear plastic lets you see pouches 
  • More insulating than metal pots
  • Rectangular shape fits counters
  • Lid is custom fitted for your model of circulator
  • Keeps heat in and reduces evaporation
  • Lid is notched so it can be removed without removing circulator

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