Polycarbonate Lids with Precision Cutouts

A lot of heat is lost through evaporation if your pan isn't completely covered. Instead of messy film, foil or plastic balls as a cover use our precision-routed lids cut to precisely fit your brand of circulator.  And speaking of energy loss, with each individual lid we ship a pre-cut sheet of our twin-wall reflective bubble insulation at no charge.   You can use the sheet on either top of bottom of pan.  Full precut insulation kits are also available

                                                         Lid / Pan Compatability Index

3L1:    10.5 x 12.75 in. Fits 3 gal. pan (Cambro  28CW135*)

5L1:    12 x 18 in.  Fits 4.75 gal. pan (Cambro 12189CW135*)

6L1:    12.75 x 21 in.  Fits 6.5 gal. pan (Cambro 18CW135*)

13L1:   18 x 26 in. Fits 13, 17 and 22 gal. tanks (Cambro  18269CW135,  182612CW135,  182615CW135 *)

                                  *or equivalent

Solid Notched Lids

Solid Lid for 3P (3g) pan

10.5 x 12.75 x 1 in.

Part No. PSV-3L1

$24.00 ea.   Not available

4.75 gal pan lid for Vacmaster SV1

Solid Lid for 5P (4.75 gal) pan

12 x 18 x 1" in.

Part No. PSV-5L1

$34.00 ea.   Not available

6.5 gal pan lid for Anova One and Precision Cooker

Solid Lid for 6P (6.5 gal) pan

21 x 12.75 x 1" in.

Part No. PSV-6L1

Not available

Lid Cutouts  

Shapeoko-3 CNC Router for cutting lids
All of our lid notches are precision cut using our Shapeoko3 CNC router, Notch clearances are minimal to reduce evaporation and heat loss.
Pictures of cut-out designs are shown below (click on picture to enlarge).

Cutouts (3 gal. lids shown)

(click to enlarge)

3 gal pan lid for Anova Precision Cooker
3 gal pan lid for Nomiku Classic
3 pan lid for Vacmaster SV1

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