Clear Polycarbonate Pans

Crystal-clear polycarbonate pans are strong, lightweight and have better insulation properties than metal pans.  They let you see and position pouches, withstands 210 F water temperature, are NSF and dishwasher safe and virtually unbreakable.  For these reasons and more they have become the de-facto choice for serious sous vide'ers using immersion circulators.   

12L / 3 gal. pan

10.5 x 12.75 x 8 in. deep

Good capacity with a small footprint that's an ideal size for most home kitchens.  Can hold  about 5 pouches or a small roast.

Part no. PSV-3P

Not available

18L / 4.75 gal. pan

12 x 18 x 9 in. deep

Good intermediate size for home or commercial use.  High capacity and an inch deeper than the 3 and 6.5 gal. pans that allows for larger-size pouches and/or medium sized roasts.

Part No. PSV-5P

Not available

6.5 gal. pan  

21 x 12.75 x 8 in. deep

High capacity for serious Sous Vide enthusiasts and commercial applications.   The extra length is great for larger cuts including roasts and full racks of ribs.

Part No. PSV-6P

Not available

For large commercial requirements we can supply high-capacity polycarbonate pans (and Lids) in three sizes up to 22 gal.  We modify the pan rim depending on brand of controller so please contact us with pan size, circulator brand / model and if you plan to use more than one circulator.    We can also supply pre-cut  insulation kits on request.

13P:  49L / 13 gal. pan

18 x 26 x 12 in deep

17P:  64L / 17 gal. pan

18 x 26 x 12 in deep

22P:  83L / 22 gal. pan

18 x 26 x 12 in deep

Not available

Save on Shipping

Polycarbonate pans are bulky which increases shipping cost relative to their weight.  We try to estimate as best we can but depending on shipping distance from South Carolina charges can vary quite a bit.  For this reason if the actual shipping charges are less than what you paid we will refund the difference.    This goes for everything on our website so if we can nest products shipping costs can be lowered as well.

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